unity户外生存类游戏《迷失暴风雪》源码Lost in Blizzard

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unity户外生存类游戏《迷失暴风雪》源码Lost in Blizzard v1.2
Requires Unity 5.0.1 or  higher.
Added PDF Documentation and 3 new models (2 Tree types and underwater balon)
This package contains inventory starter sc ript Foot steps sound sc ripts ,Frost sc ripts, Fireplace sc ript, Frost and fire sc ript , Glasses sc ript and fire craft sc ript.
Сollecting three logs and matches, you can make a fire by pressing “E” button you set up logs. After setting up logs you light up fire by pressing “E” button again, only if you have matches. But hurry up so you wont frezze to death!
Open inventory by pressing “I” button. Wear on\off glasses “Q” button.
You can use any models and variations of inventory.
Models included: Backpack, Compas, Electric panel, Gas, Ice axe, Lamp, Lighter fluid, Matches, Meteo station, Pliers, Rag, Snow rock, Wodden box, Wood planks,Jeep, rope tool,Winter glasses.
Particles included: Fire, Fog, Snow

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