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Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.1
所支持的Unity版本:5.5.5 及以上版本
Easy Mobile is a many-in-one package that greatly simplifies the implementation of standard features on every mobile game such as advertising, in-app purchasing, game services, notifications, sharing, etc. It takes care of these “necessary evils” so you can focus your time on doing the most important thing in game development: creating fun! 
This is the Pro version of Easy Mobile. Other version: EM Basic 
* See the feature comparison image for differences between EM Pro and EM Basic. 
Cross-platform: intuitive, cross-platform API that can accomplish most tasks with a single line of code. 
Friendly Editor: beautiful & easy-to-use editor for controlling everything from one place. 
Automation: automating chores such as service initialization and ad loading. 
Modular Design: use only what are needed and not be worried about redundancies or    contradictions with existing code. 

Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.1

Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.1

Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.1

Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.1

Easy Mobile Pro 2.1.1

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