unity表情制作LipSync Pro 1.42源码下载

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unity表情制作LipSync Pro 1.42
所支持的Unity版本:5.5.1 及以上版本
LipSync Pro is an editor extension for creating high-quality lipsyncing and facial animation inside Unity.
Supported on desktop, mobile and console. 
Core Features:
– Easy to use Clip Editor for synchronising dialogue. 
– Custom inspector with Pose Editor. 
– Also includes Emotion and Gesture Markers, allowing for more nuanced animation. 
– Randomness modifiers to create more lifelike movements. 
– Presets system allows for quick character setup with many different character systems or  on large projects. 
– Supports both blend shape and bone transform based workflows out of the box. 
– BlendSystems allow LipSync to work with many different animation systems. Use our own support for several 3rd-party assets, or  create your own. 

unity表情制作LipSync Pro 1.42

unity表情制作LipSync Pro 1.42

unity表情制作LipSync Pro 1.42

unity表情制作LipSync Pro 1.42

unity表情制作LipSync Pro 1.42

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