Camera Path Animator 3.63源码下载

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Camera Path Animator – Animate Cutscenes with Splines 3.63
所支持的Unity版本:5.0.0 及以上版本
Create, edit and preview camera animation within the editor and avoid having to compile the scene to see every change.
Animate a Camera or  Gameob ject in Unity
with ease and no need to touch code
Perfect for creating cutscenes,
architectural visualisations, fly throughs and cinematics
Preview your camera animation within the
Unity editor, no need to press play 
Custom made GUI to assist you
creating your camera/gameob ject animation
Powerful implementation of Bezier and Hermite curves, fully normalised for complete control.
Suitable for mobile and 2D
Includes an integrated C# event system
Multiple modes including mouse look,
track target, loop, ping pong
Mature, stable codebase. No DLLs, full source included

Camera Path Animator 3.63

Camera Path Animator 3.63

Camera Path Animator 3.63

Camera Path Animator 3.63

Camera Path Animator 3.63

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