unity关卡设计Octave3D-Level Design源码下载

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unity关卡设计Octave3D-Level Design
所支持的Unity版本:2017.1.0 及以上版本
Octave3D is currently being used in the development of The End of the Sun, a first-person exploration and adventure story-based game in which the action takes place in the Slavic world. You can check out their official website HERE.
What is Octave3D?
Octave3D is a powerful collection of prefab snap and paint tools, seamlessly integrated into a single Level Design package to offer you a fun and rewarding experience while building beautiful and cool looking environments in no time.
How does it work?
In order to speed up the level design process, Octave3D gives you access to a powerful prefab management system that allows you to organize your prefabs in categories and tags. Add to that a prefab name filter and you get an easy to use inter(小鱼源码下载)face that allows you to select a prefab with the click of a mouse button. No more searching through complicated folder hierarchies! 

unity关卡设计Octave3D-Level Design

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